The GoDirect Flight Services

Established in 1984, Honeywell's GoDirect Flight Services, with locations in Phoenix, AZ and Hyderabad, India support pilots and their flight operations worldwide.

The The GoDirect Flight Services staffs FAA-licensed flight dispatchers (Part 121 and Part 135), airline transport pilots, instructor pilots, military pilots and ATC Controllers to provide flight support services you can count on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our expert flight data specialists utilize expert tools and flight operations know-how to provide a wide range of support services such as:

The GoDirect Flight Services is uniquely qualified and equipped to deliver our Flight Sentinel Service, a proactive service designed to minimize or eliminate delays. Flight Control Specialists can route your flightplans in pre-flight and in-flight using the FAA's CDM tool* to proactively watch for (and help you avoid) delays due to traffic, weather, ATC hazards, etc.