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RAIM prediction for flight planning through the DW International's FAA approved method

Honeywell’s Global Data Center utilizes RAIM prediction for flight planning through the DW International system. The FAA has approved DW International’s method to be in coordination with the Navigation and Flight Deck Technologies Section (AIR-131). The method is approved for meeting Advisory Circular 90-100A U.S. Terminal and En Route Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations, and the criteria in AC 20-138D, Change 1, Airworthiness Approval of Positioning and Navigation Systems, paragraph 5-2.3. The Global Data Center maps the user’s specific aircraft equipment configuration to the prediction algorithm used by DW International, and is therefore compliant with the stated documents; AIR-131, AC 90-100A, and AC 20-138D, Change 1, paragraph 5-2.3.

2016 Olympics: Integrated Trip Support can support your operations

Rio 2016

Honeywell and JETEX have the ability to provide flight planning, aircraft following and international trip support to make it easier for business jet operators to plan and manage flights around the world.

Honeywell`s Global Data Center now places customers behind the controls of a worldwide service offering. At MyGDC.com and on the MyGDC App everything needed to navigate the globe is now at your fingertips. The GDC`s International Trip Support, powered by Jetex, enables users to order fuel, obtain slots, price handling services, submit trips, and review the status of their arranged services. To learn more about how ITS can bolster your Operations, please email ITS at its@mygdc.com or call 425-885-8100 ext 4. Customer Support is available 24/7/365.

GDC Mapping change Complete

The GDC website mapping migration to BA3 (Altus mapping) is complete. The new mapping will behave as currently seen on the iPad App. There will be some minor differences between the iPad App and website. Website features will remain the same as they are today. More website mapping improvements to come in future releases.

GDC Mapping change

The GDC will be changing our website mapping company from Google to BA3 (Altus mapping). Google mapping will be discontinued 30JUN16.

Honeywell Strengthens In-Flight Internet, Airtime Connectivity Offerings With Satcom1 Acquisition

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New Version of Weather Information Service

Honeywell’s Weather Information Service assists the flight crew in making strategic, in-flight decisions with respect to weather information by providing up-to-date weather data (e.g. along route, areas of interest, etc.). Additionally, Weather Information Service can provide optimization of the flight path due to the availability of the most recent weather information. We’ve updated Weather Information Service with these new features:
Lightning as a globally available observational weather product. The addition of observed lightning allows the user to identify areas of weather to be avoided in regions of the world where ground based radar data is not yet available. When combined with observed satellite cloud cover data, the flight crews and dispatchers can better plan routes through areas with weather hazards.
Upgraded "time bar" that allows the user to play or pause weather observation data, to view weather trends over time more easily.
Simplified weather data settings: now it's easier to quickly choose weather products for display, and choose timeframe settings.
New flight planning features: now you can copy and paste your flight plans into Weather Information Service, or manually create a simple point-to-point flight plan.
• Bug fixes and usability improvements throughout the product.
• Improvements to product based on the certification body feedback.
Learn more about Weather Information Service and download a demo here

Honeywell GDC NextGen FMS SID/STAR Modification Update

Honeywell GDC NextGen FMS SID/STAR modification update has been released for Gulfstream G650, Dassault EASy III and Embraer. The GDC has deployed a modification to the flight plan uplink for aircraft equipped with the Honeywell NextGen FMS to remove SID and STAR from the flight plan uplink.
This modification was made for the following reasons:
1) Mitigate flight plan uplink rejects for SID and STAR entries that runway dependent.
2) Mitigate flight plan uplink rejects for SID and STAR entries that do not match FMS Nav DB.
3) At many airports, especially busy ones, the planned runway for departure and arrival does not end up being the actual departure/arrival runway (changes because of winds, traffic, volume, etc). Crew awareness is increased when they have to select, insert and review their assigned SID’s and STAR’s.
This flight plan uplink modification will affect Gulfstream G650, Dassault EASy III and Embraer operators with NextGen FMS installed.GDC plans to implement this flight plan uplink modification for all FMS types in the near future.