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MyGDC App 3.3.1 Patch Version

30DEC14 the GDC submitted an expedited patch version (3.3.1) of the MyGDC App to the App Store with latest APG library integration. We anticipate the expedited version of the app to be available for download in three calendar days. A critical issue was fixed in regards to the Runway Analysis, specifically to ensure that the magnetic variations will continue to calculate starting after January 1st 2015 at 00:00z. Customer´s will need to download the newest version of the static airport library prior to the runway analysis being enabled on the App. If you need your APG RA/WB device credentials reset after you have downloaded 3.3.1 version please contact the GDC.

Honeywell Global Data Center - FANS and PM-CPDLC Data Link Service Provider

Most operators are familiar with current and upcoming mandates for Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A and FANS 1/A+) and Protected Mode Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (PM-CPDLC, otherwise known as ATN-B1 or Link 2000+) certification. In order to comply with these mandates, operators may need approval from their State of registry.

While seeking approval, the required equipment upgrades usually receive the most attention, followed by the application process. It is often during that process when an operator learns they are required to have an approved data link Communication Service Provider (CSP).

The good news is that Honeywell Global Data Center (GDC) data link customers already have an approved CSP. The GDC gives customers access to approved VHF data link networks, including ARINC and SITA, which deliver all Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and Automated Dependant Surveillance Contract (ADS-C) traffic per standards defined in the ICAO Global Operational Data Link (GOLD) Document.


The GDC also provides customers with Inmarsat’s Satellite Communication (SATCOM) FANS capability in remote and oceanic airspace. Aircraft equipped with approved SATCOM systems enable operators to take full advantage of FANS and reduced separation operations in the North Atlantic Organized Track System and other remote regions. FANS over Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) will be available to GDC customers in the near future. Customers may identify Honeywell Global Data Center as their data link service provider on their State of registry application, and GDC Account Services ( can provide proof of data link service on request. For more information on FANS, ATN, and other data link topics and mandates, please see this article in the December 2013 issue of Direct-TO, the Honeywell FMS newsletter. The leader in worldwide data link communications for over 25 years, Honeywell’s Global Data Center provides comprehensive flight support services. In addition to proven VHF and satellite data link communications, the GDC provides flight planning, weather, international trip support through their partnership with Jetex, and Flight Sentinel? - an exclusive offering designed to help operators fly more efficiently and avoid hazardous weather and ATC delays. Services can be accessed 24/7 by phone, email,, and the new MyGDC iPad® app. With flexible package pricing and multiple service plans, GDC services are the right fit for any size flight department.