Flight Sentinel

Flight Sentinel

Flight Sentinel® protects against the challenges that can adversely affect the productivity and efficiency of your flight department and provides significant time and cost savings. Using route management techniques, flight control specialists proactively help reduce delays by filing you on routes currently being used by ATC to avoid traffic congestion and weather conditions.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) tools and extensive experience, the Flight Sentinel team monitors airspace and ATC initiatives to ensure on-time departure. Hourly communications with the FAA Command Center for real-time updates and tactical route selection ensures minimal disruptions. Early detection of ATC initiatives gives you more choices to complete your mission on time.

From start to finish, the Flight Sentinel team monitors the aircraft position and progress of your flight while looking ahead for weather hazards, traffic congestion, ground delays, or any other conditions that may affect your flight. We keep you informed with proactive communications sent to your mobile device, aircraft datalink or other designated destinations.

For non U.S. based customers, Flight Sentinel services are an available option when booking your international trip through the GDC. Use the combination of GDC's Integrated Trip Support and Flight Sentinel Services to increase your peace of mind when traveling abroad.

  • Increase Efficiency, Save Fuel and Reduce Delays
  • Monitor airspace for up-to-the minute routes utilized by ATC
  • Active flight following, communication, and mitigation
  • Global coverage