GDC New Enhancements Migration

Dear Customer,

The Honeywell GDC is pleased to announce that the CWA migration for MyGDC users is now in process. iPad users will need to download v3.5 from the Apple App Store in order to continue using the app. Current users with a GDC ID are required to create a new Honeywell ID in order to migrate their GDC ID to a Honeywell ID.

The deadline to complete the migration to a Honeywell ID has been extended to August 3rd after which time users' GDC ID will no longer be active.

New MyGDC enhancements:

  • Single Sign On - Login once to the Honeywell Aerospace Portal or and switch to seamlessly
  • Self-management of credentials . users will be able to change their password, recover a forgotten password, change their user information and retrieve a forgotten username using our online tool
  • Improved online security

To learn more about this new process please contact us by email at or phone at (888) 634-3330 (U.S.A./Canada) or (425) 885-8100 (International).


  1. Q: Why do I need to change my GDC ID and Password?
    A: In order to provide a higher level of security to all GDC accounts and seamless access to the other Honeywell online tools (single sign-on), Honeywell is migrating GDC customers to a Common Web Authentication (CWA) in which a new Honeywell ID will be created

  2. Q: What happens if I don’t have a Honeywell ID?
    A: After August 3rd you will be able to follow the link at to begin the migration process in which a new Honeywell ID will be created for your account

  3. Q: What if I want to keep MyGDC ID and Password?
    A: In order to provide the security and single sign-on enhancements all GDC user are required to migrate to a Honeywell ID.

  4. Q: Can I have only one Login for everyone in the Flight Department?
    A: All user are encouraged to have their own login credentials

  5. Q: Can I make my Honeywell ID to be the same as my GDC ID?
    A: There are specific requirements for the new Honeywell ID username so some GDC ID may not be useable as Honeywell IDs therefore a new ID will have to be created

  6. Q: Our iPads are assigned to each aircraft, can I assign a Honeywell ID to an aircraft?
    A: No, each Honeywell ID has to be associated with an individual user

  7. Q: How will the Honeywell ID associate to our Account?
    A: The MyGDC migration process will compare a user’s information with existing GDC accounts and users will be asked to confirm that the account association is correct